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Hey, do you see this Bold Text / Italic Text in our writing? Because what we’re saying is clearly important. Basically, anything using the Unicode characters for Bold or Italic must signify some sort of importance. Otherwise, they wouldn’t look so different from the rest of the text.

You too can share with the world how special your words are, hence the Bold Text / Italic Text. And our generator tool’s uses spread across Windows, Mac and iPhone and Android devices. Meaning, no matter what device is being used, we’ve got you covered.

With that being said—how about you try out some Bold Text / Italic Text for yourself.

bold text & italic text on twitter
Twitter post

Using our Bold Text / Italic Text Tool

First thing to know—our Bold Text / Italic Text tool is so amazingly uncomplicated. Because the only requirement is a copy & paste onto anywhere. This means Messages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc.

Another thing worth committing to memory—whatever you’re writing will have significantly more meaning than your other words. Therefore, you should choose what you write carefully, with some extra thought.

You can press Ctrl + C on your keyboard or hold your finger on your mobile device to copy and paste it to the position you want with Ctrl + V.

When to Use Bold Text / Italic Text

Before we start, let’s get one thing straight with all Unicode characters. They are situational. If you’re throwing Bold Text / Italic Text everywhere, you’ll come off as overcompensating, as a result.

We recommend melding these tips inside your brain:

  1. First of all, bold or italic are exclusively their own. For the reason that they are isolated from regular text, they should be treated as such.
  2. Second, you should limit the inclusion of both bold and italic text in your writing. Think about it—if your Facebook is in all bold letters, people may think you have a problem.
  3. It’s okay to include many types of bold and italic text for certain types of writing. Nevertheless, it isn’t advised to combine many types of Unicode characters, like this. Now, this just looks sad.

Get Ready to Add Some Bold Text / Italic Text

In conclusion, if you follow these steps and add your own zing, your Bold Text / Italic Text should find a comfortable place within your writing.

Relax. There’s no pressure. In fact, think of this as a little experiment. Try to generate some text for yourself with more fancy text. If it doesn’t work—try, try again.