Clothing and Accessories


Clothing & accessories are a woman’s dream come true

You heard it right, ladies. We’ve got the newest shoes from YSL. All the Dior and Chanel you can carry back home. Well…not really. Actually, we’ve just got the clothing & accessories emoji’s that represent these things.

Wait! Don’t go. We promise these emoji clothing can be just as satisfying as a pair of Louis Vuitton jeans. Think about this—as badly as you want that pair of Gucci glasses, you may actually get them. Ctrl + V to copy our glasses emoji then Ctrl + V, pasting onto your IG or Facebook, then wait. Gucci may have pity on your soul and send over a pair, just for you.

See, no need to hold up that umbrella, we’re not raining on anyone’s parade. In fact, you may need a hat for the amount of sunshine we’ve brought to light your day.

Refer to our list of clothing & accessories

Our selection of clothing & accessories characters may not be a luxurious as those Gucci shoes. On the contrary, they could be just as valuable. So, now you should refer to our emoji clothing list to properly showcase the right bags onto the corresponding text.

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