Apex Legends Nicknames

Nick names for Apex Legends are important 

Apex Legends is an amazingly and rapidly growing Battle Royale first-person shooter game. And with the popularity of this battle royale game increasing, you’ll need to imagine some great nick names for Apex Legends, before they’re taken. 

Diving into Apex Legends
You nickname will be displayed in the bottom left.

Now, we’ve already gone over the 1000 cool nickname ideas that can be used for possibly-any gaming usernames or tags. So, don’t get your knickers in a twist. We’ve obviously got you covered. Now is the time to create your own legend-in-the-making with your Apex Legends name

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

Pick the best nick names for Apex Legends first 

First, let’s investigate what can directly relate to the epic nick names for Apex Legends. If we look at Fortnite Battle Royale, we can see hundreds of memorable nicknames to choose from. So, why not just copy & paste some of these gamertags to your Apex Legends name

Listing names
Examples of nickname ideas

Hey we know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that stealing”? Well, guess what—if it isn’t copyrighted and it isn’t claimed, it can be used. That being said, you can wrack-up some serious street-cred, with already popular names. 

Now, go back to any other popular battle royale games to find what already works. If you have a strong conscience and don’t fancy reusing others’ names, you can still use them as an example to design new and original nicknames for yourself. 

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable when picking nick names for Apex Legends. You know, it should be something that represents what you believe in and feel is an appropriate match for yourself.  

Our different types of fancy text may be of assistance to your name-making ventures. In fact, we’ve contained almost-any symbols imaginable into our various fancy text nicknames generator and lists. 

Furthermore, you shouldn’t waste a perfectly-good opportunity to mix some “zing” into your nicknames

Last thing, you should keep in mind that Apex Legends is still very popular and growing. So, the sooner-the better. Act quickly. And have fun. 

Names are displayed in the bottom left
Look back at your awesome name afterwards.
Nickname Ideas for Discord

Nick Names for Discord Are Important

Hey, have you ever given any thought to what nick names for Discord you could choose? After having acquired the Discord download and beginning your venture of this massive online world.

Everyone will have unique names in the chat
express yourse;f with your Discord nick name

Well, you’re in luck. Here, we have provided many different Discord name ideas for anyone new or in dire-need of assistance.

To start, if you don’t know what Discord is, it’s amazing and you should use it. Discord is an online chatroom, created to share interests and ideas of any-kind. Many gamers use this server in order to communicate strategies and gaming advice. Just, don’t break any rules or risk being kicked by a Discord bot.

Anyways, let’s delve into the many username preferences and symbols that can be incorporated into the app.

List of creative nick names for Discord

User Settings to change your nickname
You can edit your nick name on your account page.

Now, we can begin to get acquainted with the different styles of fancy text to be added into your nick names for Discord.

You could incorporate some type of Japanese Text, if you are fond of anime-style gaming. Additionally, a cute or cool emoji could always suffice to represent your interests and hobbies.

There are no boundaries with Discord, especially considering the ability to change your nickname in the settings. So, copy & paste to your heart’s content from our list of texts, emoji, and generators.

Next, some different words that can be used in conjunction. If you haven’t already, look through our 1000 cool name ideas in order to discover a better understanding on the fundamentals. Besides that, just choose any combination or singular word that can really leave in impact on the readers.

You’ll want to display a specific message to your audience. One that fully-expresses the way you think or react.

Share your nickname with the Discord community
Share your epic names with other friends.

Lastly, with a near-infinite amount of nick name options, you could spend hours just to discover a perfect tag for yourself. Surely, that shouldn’t be a problem for you? If you haven’t at this point, get the Discord download and initiate in the fun.

Different Nicknames for Fortnite

Determine amazing nick names for Fortnite

First, before beginning to create any sort of nick names for Fortnite Battle Royale, we recommend checking out our 1000 cool name ideas. Our list will help simplify the struggle of figuring out a cool or funny Fortnite name.

Listing names of Fortnite

You know, so you can have a good laugh when your racing shopping carts with your buddy “Smelly Octopus”. At first, it may seem ridiculous and unusable as a nickname. With given time, usernames like this have massively grown in popularity.

The most important thing above all is trends. Trends are what define everything about Fortnite. Honestly, if you were to use a Fortnite tracker of trends, you wouldn’t be surprised to witness an overload in volume.

This battle royale is basically one giant meme of a game. And that’s what makes it popular.

So, why not use this fact as an advantage towards your own nick names on Fortnite? Become a walking meme and pull in thousands of followers and adoring fans. Why? Because you’re “ミ★şαℓт – şɦσσтεɾ★彡”, that’s why.

Attempt to copy & paste our fancy text to create flashy name combinations, such as above.

Change your mind about any nicknames for Fortnite?

Don’t worry, if you’re already a veteran player and want to change your boring nick names for Fortnite. There is still an option to change your title, even after playing for a long time. Just follow these simple steps and start from square-one.

  • First, go onto your acount’s personal info page. Found in the epicgames website.
  • Next, you’ll want to select the box labeled “DISPLAY NAME”.
  • Finally, here you have the pleasure of customizing your nick name into any-way you see fit. Remember to pick a good one.

And there you have it. It’s as simple and easy as that. Almost as easy as downloading and playing the Free-To-Play Fortnite Battle Royale. It comes close.

Share with friends in the lobby
Agario Nicknames Guide

Have you ever given any thought to the unique options of nick names for Agario offered? Well, that’s where we come in. Stay tuned for our guide of Agario name guide. Easily accessible and convenient for players of all ages.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right into it.

Select a nickname for Agario

Types of nick names for Agario

First of all, before getting into nick names for Agario, we should all consider the type of game being played. If you are looking for an action-packed gruesome type of game with carnage and destruction, unfortunately this isn’t the game for you.

Agar.io is a steady-paced action arcade game. This means—you’ll find yourself competing with some pretty young players. To this fact, it may not be a good idea to incorporate profanity or swear words of any kind. In fact, you may find yourself excluded from the entire gaming-experience, once you’re banned by an admin.

Remember your name will be eating everyone

Better luck next time, while you’re stuck playing Atari Breakout.

Agar.io (more notably referred to as Agario) is such an amazingly simple game. Control a cell and grow in stature as you consume other cells, which may include unsuspecting players.

Furthermore, maybe more child-friendly symbols and names are a recommended option. In fact, cute names may be the most intimidating to others.

Consider that you’re eating away at the competition, literally mowing them away. We don’t think anyone would like to have that happening to them by someone named “Mr.Cuddlez” anytime soon.

On the other hand, you could still strike fear into hearts of average players, using cool nick names for Agario. Maybe something along the lines of “HungryCell” or “EatEmAll”.

And for the final touches of any great Agario name — try adding in some fancy text to your persona. Mr.Cuddlez would be a lot more cute with some stars and heart symbols in his name.

That should be just about all that needs to be said about an appropriate nick name. It’s really up to us all to decide for ourselves what fit most. All it takes is a little imagination and some elbow-grease applied to your brain.

It's a large world and your name will be known

Free Fire Nicknames

Finding the best nick names for Free Fire 

Before digging into the nick names for Free Fire, let’s first discuss what exactly is the premise of the game. Garena Free Fire is another installment to the battle royale game genre.  

Your Free Fire Account

Similar to Fortnite Battle Royale or even PUBG, players will be parachuted from an aircraft onto a remote location. From this point, all players must either fend for themselves or cooperate within a small squadron of others. Ultimately, it’s a game of wits, strategy, and alliances. 

Now with this in mind, what Free Fire name could match with your own personality? You’ll most likely want to find a blend of the game-style and your personality incorporated into the nicknames. 

By now, you may have thought of some creative names using words like “killshot”, “murder”, “Sniper”, etc. These are all great ideas as nick names for Free fire

For those with a small imagination. You can refer to our 1000 cool nickname ideas. 

Add fanciness to nick names for Free Fire 

Next, you’ll want to try incorporating some of our fancy text fonts, symbols and lists. These can add an extra degree of flare and heat to your name. Without it, you may have just been another random AI or nameless character. 

Free Fire Lobby

Come to think of it, most of our fancy text is already incorporated in some of the most popular nicknames and Free Fire name lists are no exception. In fact, there are many-many reasons to incorporate these texts to Garena Free fire

Japanese Text, for example shows your interest in the culture and things otherwise. On the other hand, any Emoji can fully represent your playstyle and hobbies. 

Don’t shy away from the many choices available. Make the most out of the many available options we offer. It takes minimal leg-work, only requiring a copy & paste. This could be even more simplified by applying Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy & paste. 

And if you haven’t already, get yourself a copy of the Garena Free Fire download, free-to-play. It’ll be worth the effort and a great opportunity to try out additional cool nicknames

Nickname displayed with each death
How To Change Your Nickname in PUBG Mobile

Looking for PUBG Names? To begin, for those who have no knowledge of this game, please leave now. Kidding, we will guide you to have some ideas of PUBG, providing a name generator guide, as well. Are you ready? Time to begin and create some cool nicknames for PUBG.

lobby pubg mobile
Lobby PUBG Mobile

Starting off with an introduction: the PUBG game stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a third-person shooter, designed to test your own survival skills. In fact, players will be shot from a plane to land in a remote area of the map to fend for themselves. Furthermore, players will need to find their own weapons and resources.

How does that sound? Yeah, very interesting. And PUBG is as addicting as it is interesting. But now, you’ll need to design your own nickname for PUBG before you can even play.

Furthermore, these names can be administered to either the PUBG Mobile game or any PC and console versions, such as on your Xbox One.

If you haven’t had ideas or any thoughts running through your head, don’t worry. We’ll guide you by fully utilizing name symbols and fonts for a creative nick name for PUBG.

Once PUBG Mobile has successfully downloaded and installed, we can begin with the character creation.

Creating nicknames for PUBG

To begin — you can refer to our 1000 cool nickname ideas, to attain more information on the creativity behind a successful name. Now, go check it out to learn more.

But, for those too lazy to read another article, here is the gist of content:

First things first, you must consider the message you wish to relay to the readers. Would a funny reaction be preferred over an intimidating one? Are there any name symbols or name special characters, able to enhance that effect?

Creating you nicknames for PUBG
Creating you nicknames for PUBG

Best PUBG Clan Names

  • Icy 〴
  • やUBG yourname
  • Darkstar 〴
  • Razor 〴
  • 〴 ツ ﭢ ⍣ ⍨  ⍤  Ѷ Ӫ ||
  • Immortals ッYour name
  • Hydra ッ Your name
  • Squad Killer ⍤ Your name
  • Swanky ﭢ  Your name
  • Deadly Ӫ Your name
  • Delta 〴 Your name
  • charlie 〴  Your name
  • Alpha ッ Your name

Once completed, just submit your name and enjoy the battleground experience.

Add Special Characters in Your Nickname
Add Special Characters in Your Nickname

What if I want to change nicknames for PUBG?

Contrary to belief, you may not want to hold on to your previously acquired nicknames for PUBG. No problem, we can also lend a helping-hand on “how to change nickname in PUBG Mobile?

First thing to note, if you’ve downloaded PUBG Mobile before the 0.4 update, you are in luck. You can update your APK and will receive a free name change ticket. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a name change ticket in the shop.

Rename Card in the shop
Rename Card in the shop

From this point, you can access the item in your inventory. Just select the ticket and tap use. Congratulations, you’ve just succeeded in obtaining a second chance with creating some cool name symbol ideas.

Finally, here is the chance to show them off. Hop on your PUBG game on movile, PS4, Xbox One or anywhere else your game is downloaded. Climb to the peak of rankings and make your name forever known.

Latin Letter Based Symbols
Basic Latin
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+002x   SP   ! # $ % & ( ) * + , . /
U+003x 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ?
U+004x @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
U+005x P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _
U+006x ` a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o
U+007x p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~  DEL 

Why Latin letter based symbols are important?

Well, let’s begin with the obvious. We wouldn’t be able to type this, if it weren’t for the Latin letter based symbols. Where would we get the question mark? Not to mention the comma we’ve incorporated into most of our sentences.

Now, you should take into consideration how necessary these symbols are for most languages of the world. Remember, every time you’ve written a post or a text message. Now, imagine having to write them all in Japanese kanji or Chinese characters?

Of course, some people may have broken keyboards or no access to these Latin letter based symbols. Actually you’d be surprised at the number of people without access to Latin letter font.

That being said, we’ve made this unbelievably easy list. And the best part is—you can copy & paste these letters if you are unable to type.

What are you waiting for? Star using this list now. Also, there is a reference below, for those unfamiliar with the extended Latin letters.

Extended Latin Letters
Extended Latin Letters
Letterlike Symbols
Unicode Letterlike Symbols
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

Letterlike symbols are very distinguished

Introducing, letterlike symbols. These character include many different fonts, letters of the Greek alphabet and other special characters.

First, try to apply these to various platforms. Furthermore, the end-result could lead to some interesting and imaginative text.

In fact, most college university fraternities use letterlike fonts for their groups. Most notably, they use Greek letters to form their names.

Let’s take note of the Omega symbol Ω. It is a very popular letterlike symbol, meaning “the end”. Hold on, this isn’t the end of our list.

Now, on full-display are a variety of letterlike symbols. Anyone can simply copy & paste these onto their social media, articles, or anywhere else imaginable.

Lastly, Mac and Windows users can press Ctrl + C to copy any highlighted text. In addition, Ctrl + V is the shortcut to paste any copied text.

Omega symbols
Copyright symbols
Bet symbols
Box Drawing
Box Drawing

Box Drawing Symbols are creative

Here, box drawing is a type of Unicode symbol that can be incorporated or combined to form a box. This can include a half box ┓ or double-horizontal lines ╤.

No, we don’t mean boxycharm makeup products, get your head straight. First thing is to get that fact out of the way.

Now, we’re positive that you have witness these box drawing text in some form or another. But, what makes our list particularly special is the ability to copy & paste. It is especially helpful for swift and time-saving name generation.

In fact, anyone can pick up our list and create a half box, provided they have a computer or iPhone. Yeah, it’s that simple and easy to begin applying box drawings.

Last — displayed below, are a few examples for fancy nicknames. Notice the adaption of box drawings.

  • ┟Special┶Nickname┨
  • Nick╉Name
  • Gamer╦ag
  • Ava┶arName
Example of Box Drawing on Display
Example of Box Drawing on Display
Unicode Subscripts & Superscripts

Examples of superscripts & subscripts:

  • Super-scripted letters and symbols: ᴬ ᴭ ᴮ ᴯ ᴰ ᴱ ᴲ ᴳ ᴴ ᴵ ᴶ ᴷ ᴸ ᴹ ᴺ ᴻ ᴼ ᴽ ᴾ ᴿ ᵀ ᵁ ᵂ ᵃ ᵄ ᵅ ᵆ ᵇ ᵈ ᵉ ᵊ ᵋ ᵌ ᵍ ᵏ ᵐ ᵑ ᵒ ᵓ ᵖ ᵗ ᵘ ᵚ ᵛ ᵢ ᵣ ᵤ ᵥ
  • Greek: ᶿ ᵝ ᵞ ᵟ ᵠ ᵡ ᵦ ᵧ ᵨ ᵩ ᵪ
  • Cyrillic: ᵸ
  • Other: ᵎ ᵔ ᵕ ᵙ ᵜ ᶛ ᶜ ᶝ ᶞ ᶟ ᶠ ᶡ ᶢ ᶣ ᶤ ᶥ ᶦ ᶧ ᶨ ᶩ ᶪ ᶫ ᶬ ᶭ ᶮ ᶯ ᶰ ᶱ ᶲ ᶳ ᶴ ᶵ ᶶ ᶷ ᶸ ᶹ ᶺ ᶻ ᶼ ᶽ ᶾ

Below is a table of subscripts and superscripts.

Latin and Greek tables

Superscript capital  ᴿ    
Superscript small cap                      
Superscript minusculeʰʲˡ ʳˢʷˣʸ
Subscript minuscule         
Superscript minuscule   ᶿ             
Subscript minuscule                   

Use superscripts & subscripts for specific text

Hey, have you ever even used superscripts & subscripts? H₂0 is critical to every human beings’ survival. In fact, that should be the 1st priority of anyone.

Notice the subsequent superscripts displayed? Fortunately, it was fairly effortless to incorporate these symbols. No more than a copy & paste or Unicode character input.

Here are the possible combinations of Unicode characters for any numbers or letters, converted into superscripts & subscripts.

First, x represents the letter or numbers you wish to include. Next is the list of Alt key codes. You can refer to our instructions on using Alt Key here.

  • Superscripts are utilized with 207x.
  • Subscripts can be used with 208x.
  • Finally, letters can be incorporated with 209x.

Try using them in your next for of writing. Otherwise, you can use our simple list here. Ctrl + C will copy your text and Ctrl + V will past.

Below is also a table of the Superscripts & Subscripts.

Example of superscripts & subscripts
Example subscripts and superscripts