Box Drawing

Box Drawing

Box Drawing Symbols are creative

Here, box drawing is a type of Unicode symbol that can be incorporated or combined to form a box. This can include a half box ┓ or double-horizontal lines ╤.

No, we don’t mean boxycharm makeup products, get your head straight. First thing is to get that fact out of the way.

Now, we’re positive that you have witness these box drawing text in some form or another. But, what makes our list particularly special is the ability to copy & paste. It is especially helpful for swift and time-saving name generation.

In fact, anyone can pick up our list and create a half box, provided they have a computer or iPhone. Yeah, it’s that simple and easy to begin applying box drawings.

Last — displayed below, are a few examples for fancy nicknames. Notice the adaption of box drawings.

  • ┟Special┶Nickname┨
  • Nick╉Name
  • Gamer╦ag
  • Ava┶arName
Example of Box Drawing on Display
Example of Box Drawing on Display