1000 Cool Name Ideas for Gamers

As a hardcore competitive gamer, some of the toughest battles aren’t even going on within the screen. No, whether you play PUBG, Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, even Minecraft for crying out loud, we can all agree on one thing—finding the clever and cool names is not an easy feat. Maybe you need epic usernames for Xbox, or name for PS4.

And, don’t forget to add some Fancy Text to the mix as well.

๖ۣۜSۣۜN✯•Y.Šynˣˣ ༄༂ßÇŠ•Ƙσŧᶒᶍ༉ ゚°☆Šuβเη☆°゚ ✿Çɦờξm¹tí✿ ༄༂H•T༂࿐ ๖Çá❍࿐ »βέ•Ҫɦαηɦ« ☆》Hãčķěř《☆ ミ★₦ệη★彡 ŇøβเŦαツ ༄༂ßαϮ•Mαη༉ ☆๖ۣۜǤαмєŦV☆ ﻲßÇS•Ɗυɾεxۓ ʚ⚘ɞ‏ Čħịςħ ʚ⚘ɞ‏ ℑɧánɧ✞Cɧúą«︵ ༺ℒữ༒ℬố༻ ๖²⁴ʱא๏ạς‏ Šηιρєя︻┳デ═— ๖²⁴ʱƴêʋ ๖ۣۜHòลηɠ•Ŧửツ ♡ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ♡ ︵✰₷ƙƴ❄ ๖ۣۜTɦïếυ•Gîล ༂d̲̅a̲̅r̲̅k̲̅☬s̲̅t̲̅a̲̅r̲̅➻ 乂Ꭷạς‏࿐ ミ★Hєll๏★彡 ︵ℭɦíρɦèo Ťɧε⚡₣lαsɧ ༉Ꭾ༑ղ࿐₉₄ 乙υ长α® £ãø Đại ゚°☆ Łøʋε ☆° ゚ ‿✿⁀ℍíρ ♥ℒℴѵe♥ ʚLinhɞ⁀ᶦᵈᵒᶫ ‿✿ßin۶ßin✿‿ █▬█σàηɠ࿐ ♡ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♡ βєsէ Ňαkɾσtɦ ❥︵₣σrεvëɾ™ •ᏟᴀɴᎠy²ᵏ‿✿ ๖ۣۜҪôηɠ•Ҫɦúล ☉₷υpěř Mαη☉ ๖Šαƙυɾα︵✿ ᶠᶸᶜᵏ♥ᵧₒᵤ ☣Ƙɦǿเ ♜长ιฑǥ ƊøƦεɱøη »Ҫɦέɱ¹sէ« Ňɠộ★Ƙɦôηɠツ

It really doesn’t matter what platform your name is needed—even for YouTube channels, devoted towards gaming. These tips will really help for boy or for girl gamers.

Here are some examples for situational usernames that can be used in your favorite games. Use them to mix and match into your preferred usernames. After reading through these names, a common pattern should be noticeable—they are in no particular order.

Some Unique Usernames

1. Sonic-Fox—One of the best competitive players of all time. A fast, furry blue fox.

2. Oreo-Flurry—Who doesn’t like an Oreo Mc’Flurry?

3. My Name Is Jeff—I can already hear the horrible Latino accent impersonations.

4. Epic Ninja

5. Radiant Rival

6. Atomic Fury

7. Moist Tacos—Sometimes, pointless names just sound funny when said aloud.

8. Silver Bullet

9. Trigger Queen—A nice name for girl players of any shooters.

10. Super Soldier

11. Blood Moon

12. Genesis

13. New Guy—Because everyone targets the new guy. Unless the name is used ironically.

14. Pee-Ess-Four—A clever name for PS4 players.

15. Ex-Box— Same as Pee-Ess-Four—another clever name to use for Xbox users.

16. Your Mom— “You’ve been killed by Your Mom”. Need we say more? Perfect for Fortnite. Even funnier for girl players who have a mic.

17. I.C.U.P.—Just say this name aloud and you’ll understand.

18. Super Monkey Balls—An awkward name for a game, ad equally for a username. Good for boy players.

19. The Fappening—Makes “fapping” sound like a serious occurance.

20. LoL Guy / Girl—Simple for League of Legends players.

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21. Arrow To The Knee—A popular Skyrim reference. For League of Legends, DOTA 2, Clash of Clans or even Mobile Legends. Anything with a mystical vibe, similar to Elder Scrolls.

22. PiPi—Toilet humor never fails.

23. Hell Storm—The worst kind of storm, wouldn’t want to get caught in that.

24. Brutal Enemy

25. Devil of Heaven

26. Thunder Blaster

27. Block Head—The greatest name for Minecraft.

28. Golden Eye—Another good one for Fortnite, CoD or PUBG.

29. Anonymous—Super mysterious, both for boy or for girl players.

30. Bio Hazard—They’re dangerous, so stay away.

31. Dynamic Dragon

32. Gamers Kryptonite—An intimidating choice to scare away others.

33. Super Speedy— “In what sense?”, everyone will be asking themselves.

34. Nightmare Wizard—Another edgy name

35. Burning Bow—A good choice for League of Legends players to express their preferred weapons.

36. Limit Breaker

37. Chimera Ant—A cool reference to an overpowered species.

38. Black Whistle—A very dark, intimidating name.

39. Plasma Cut

40. Machine Mojo

41. Doctor Demon—I wouldn’t trust this doctor to check me up.

42. Icy-Hot—They’re hot, they’re cold, they’re cool.

43. Dark Demon

44. Mental Assassin—Because he’ll sneak in your mind to kill you.

45. Cunning Priest

46. Exiled Prince

47. Mono flame

48. Furious Fighter

49. Plasma Angel

50. Captain Wizard

More Cool Name Ideas

51. This Is Not A Game—Irony always makes for great usernames.

52. Chrome Dome

53. Dynamic Slayer

54. Cheetos

55. Neo Panda

56. Savage Hacker

57. Grim Reaper—He’s coming for you.

58. Zypher

59. Storm Bringer

60. Chaos Effect

61. Invisible Wolf

62. Spike Lee—A cool reference if you’re playing a fighter.

63. Owl Cry

64. Divine Knight

65. Fire & Ice—Another hot and cold reference.

66. Master Splinter

67. Metal Hunter

Still with us? Here are more Cool Name Ideas & Combinations

68. Atomic Flame—Like the aftermath of an atomic bomb. Not a bad choice for Fortnite.

69. Ocean Terror

70. Carnage Snow

71. Monster Titan—Attack on Titan anyone?

72. Dark Pulse—Anything with “dark” is super edgy.

73. Metal Mercy

74. Killer Priest—Quite ironic that a priest would be a killer, huh?

75. Snow Blaze—Another Paradox.

76. Headshot Hero—More for those PUBG, Fortnite or Cod fanatics.

77. Death Punisher

78. Majestic Tornado

79. Your Executioner—Ooh, scary.

80. Swift Raid

81. Smelly Dolphin

82. Fatal Venom

83. Master Of Fate

84. Shadow The Edgehog—An infamous pun on an iconic video game character.

85. Monster Armor

Continuing on Cool Name Ideas

86. Death Crawler

87. Shadow Realm—Another reference, somewhere you’ll go if you lose this game.

88. Grave Guard

89. Heaven Fire—Opposite of Hell Flame

90. Hell Flame—Right…

91. Fatal Guardian

92. Solid Universe

93. Say My Name—Quotes from TV series are a great show of character.

94. Radical Shade

95. Killer Kannon—Spelling “cannon” with a “K” makes this clever.

96. Terror Hunter Clan—An obvious choice for Clash of Clans.

97. I Never Miss—PUBG players beware if you see this name. They’ll probably be the ones killing you.

98. Savage Slayer

99. Quick Shot

For Girl Players

100. She-Devil

101. Ice Queen

102. Scarlet Queen

103. Power Princess

104. Girl Grief

105. Man-Oh-Pause

106. Wonder Woman

107. Harley Queen

108. Robo-Angel

109. Shes Got A Gun—Good for shooters.

110. Nurse Nebula

For Boy Players

111. Battle Bastard

112. Man Of Steel—Superhero names never get old.

113. Mr. Bean

114. Marvel Man

115. Mr. Hulk

116. Tom—Such a simple name, it’s almost humorous.

We’re sure you get the idea now. With 1000s of possible name combinations, you can mix-match to create your own original usernames.