Cross Symbols

NameSymbolUnicode #HTMLCommon meaning
Skull and crossbonesU+2620☠Poison, death
Caution signU+2621☡ 
Radioactive signU+2622☢Toxic hazard, nuclear fallout
Biohazard signU+2623☣Disease, epidemic, pandemic
CaduceusU+2624☤Good health, healing
AnkhU+2625☥Religious symbol
Orthodox crossU+2626☦Patriarchal cross
Chi RhoU+2627☧Labarum
Cross of LorraineU+2628☨Patriarchal cross
Cross of JerusalemU+2629☩Cross potent
Star and crescentU+262A☪Emblem of Turkey; Islam
Farsi symbolU+262B☫Coat of arms of Iran
Adi shaktiU+262C☬Khanda
Hammer and sickleU+262D☭Communism
Peace symbolU+262E☮Peace
Yin yangU+262F☯Taoism, balance

Talking about Cross Symbols

Here, our list of cross symbols text would surely to be of use to you. A popular choice for nickname usage on your social media.

In fact, there are many spiritual references to cross symbols on Instagram. Additionally, there is a plentiful amount of people whom use these Unicode characters to represent materials as well.

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First, copy the highlighted cross using the Ctrl + C option on Windows and Mac. Android and iPhone user can simply hold down on the cross icon.

Next, paste onto the text box of wherever you want. Ctrl + V will do the trick. This, or tapping onto the text box to paste will work.

Finally, every browser and device has a different approach on cross symbols. Observe the list below as a reference.

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