Currency Symbols

Currency Symbols
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Time is money, so let’s cut to the chase. We want you using our Unicode currency symbols tool for your everyday affairs. It’s okay whether you’re between making spreadsheets on Excel, or managing your stocks. Because we know you’re all about your money, and we are too. It makes the world go-round.

But hey, let’s try to keep the confusion to a minimum here. We don’t want anyone mistaking between different currency symbols.

Our list of Currency Symbols.

May we steal one more minute of your time? However, this is not a waste of time. On the contrary, this will help reduce your time consumption even more.

Below is a list of currency symbols. Use these at your own leisure. In fact, it’s recommended that you keep this list and commit to your memory. Surely it will be of some use to you in the near future ahead.

Go ahead, try out our tool for yourself.

List of Currency Symbols

  • Dollar Sign – $
  • Cent Sign – ¢
  • Euro Sign –
  • Florin Sign – ƒ
  • Franc Sign –
  • Peseta Sign –
  • Peso –
  • Pound – £
  • Rupee –
  • Rouble –
  • Lira –
  • Yen – ¥

Honestly, since the traditional dollar sign “$” is already the standard for almost any keyboard, why not have a tool to copy & paste the others?

You can click the text or hold your finger on it, with your mobile device to copy and paste it to the position you want with Ctrl + V.

Come on, we’re just trying to make your life easier here. As we said, time is money and this will shorten the amount of time needed to go searching for your euro sign “€”, or your pound sign “£”.

We’ve already done most of the leg-work. Now you just need to copy & paste onto wherever you want your currency symbols to go. Currency symbols Mac is also available, to Apple users, so don’t worry about that. Just prep your keyboard and refer to our Unicode tool.

Surprisingly, our list can be used in different formats. You can use them in subscript & superscript formats, to your own expense.

Countless Currency Symbols

Check out all the different types of currency symbols here, with huge wads of money.

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