Finger Pointing & Hands

NameSymbol Unicode # HTML
Left Pointing Index (Black)U+261A☚
Right Pointing Index (Black)U+261B☛
Left Pointing Index (White)U+261C☜
Up Pointing Index (White)U+261D☝
Right Pointing Index (White)U+261E☞
Down Pointing Index (White)U+261F☟

Let’s try some finger pointing & hands to make gestures

Hello 👋. How are you doing? Good, let’s begin with some more gestures using finger pointing & hands. How about a hand shake 🤝? Now, we’re acquainted after holding hands.

We can also use fingers to express pointing towards a direction. We could make an example, but there are enough from the paragraph above ☝️. How are we doing this 👈? Well, with a quick and easy copy & paste, of course.

Ctrl + C is to copy, while Ctrl + V is to paste, like this here 🖐️. Nothing to it. Come to think about it, we may be overcrowding finger pointing and hands. Although, we’re sure to have your attention now. Try all of these by yourself. Remember, depending on Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android and even social media can affect your display. Divert your attention here 👇 to understand.

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