How To Change Your Nickname in PUBG Mobile

Looking for PUBG Names? To begin, for those who have no knowledge of this game, please leave now. Kidding, we will guide you to have some ideas of PUBG, providing a name generator guide, as well. Are you ready? Time to begin and create some cool nicknames for PUBG.

lobby pubg mobile
Lobby PUBG Mobile

Starting off with an introduction: the PUBG game stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a third-person shooter, designed to test your own survival skills. In fact, players will be shot from a plane to land in a remote area of the map to fend for themselves. Furthermore, players will need to find their own weapons and resources.

How does that sound? Yeah, very interesting. And PUBG is as addicting as it is interesting. But now, you’ll need to design your own nickname for PUBG before you can even play.

Furthermore, these names can be administered to either the PUBG Mobile game or any PC and console versions, such as on your Xbox One.

If you haven’t had ideas or any thoughts running through your head, don’t worry. We’ll guide you by fully utilizing name symbols and fonts for a creative nick name for PUBG.

Once PUBG Mobile has successfully downloaded and installed, we can begin with the character creation.

Creating nicknames for PUBG

To begin — you can refer to our 1000 cool nickname ideas, to attain more information on the creativity behind a successful name. Now, go check it out to learn more.

But, for those too lazy to read another article, here is the gist of content:

First things first, you must consider the message you wish to relay to the readers. Would a funny reaction be preferred over an intimidating one? Are there any name symbols or name special characters, able to enhance that effect?

Creating you nicknames for PUBG
Creating you nicknames for PUBG

Best PUBG Clan Names

  • Icy 〴
  • やUBG yourname
  • Darkstar 〴
  • Razor 〴
  • 〴 ツ ﭢ ⍣ ⍨  ⍤  Ѷ Ӫ ||
  • Immortals ッYour name
  • Hydra ッ Your name
  • Squad Killer ⍤ Your name
  • Swanky ﭢ  Your name
  • Deadly Ӫ Your name
  • Delta 〴 Your name
  • charlie 〴  Your name
  • Alpha ッ Your name

Once completed, just submit your name and enjoy the battleground experience.

Add Special Characters in Your Nickname
Add Special Characters in Your Nickname

What if I want to change nicknames for PUBG?

Contrary to belief, you may not want to hold on to your previously acquired nicknames for PUBG. No problem, we can also lend a helping-hand on “how to change nickname in PUBG Mobile?

First thing to note, if you’ve downloaded PUBG Mobile before the 0.4 update, you are in luck. You can update your APK and will receive a free name change ticket. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a name change ticket in the shop.

Rename Card in the shop
Rename Card in the shop

From this point, you can access the item in your inventory. Just select the ticket and tap use. Congratulations, you’ve just succeeded in obtaining a second chance with creating some cool name symbol ideas.

Finally, here is the chance to show them off. Hop on your PUBG game on movile, PS4, Xbox One or anywhere else your game is downloaded. Climb to the peak of rankings and make your name forever known.