Star Symbols

Star SymbolsDescriptionHTML code
Black Star Alt Code9733
White Star Alt Code9734
Star Equals≛
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Star⍟
Apl Functional Symbol Star Diaeresis⍣
Black Star★
White Star☆
Star Of David✡
Black Four Pointed Star✦
White Four Pointed Star✧
Circled White Star✪
Open Centre Black Star✫
Black Centre White Star✬
Pinwheel Star✯
Shadowed White Star✰
Eight Pointed Black Star✴
Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star✵
Six Pointed Black Star✶
Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star✷
Heavy Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star✸
Twelve Pointed Black Star✹
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star❂
White Medium Star⭐
Black Small Star⭑
White Small Star⭒
🌟Glowing Star🌟
🌠Shooting Star🌠
🔯Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot🔯

☆Glow up the day☆. Star symbols will surely turn any text into a sparkle of wonders. Our word shouldn’t be the only thing to take into consideration. Look into the text written above, doesn’t seem magical?

Stars are a wondrous thing. Able to bring positivity and happiness into almost anything their associated with. This is because when we think of stars, what comes to mind? Dreams coming true, wishes being fulfilled.

Come to think of it, there shouldn’t be any negative feelings towards stars. Unless you are a complete pessimist, there shouldn’t be any reason.

Adding some star symbol text to your writing will have the same effect. Star characters are just as beautiful as the real things. And you can add them to your media, right now.

Adding Star Symbols to your writing

Our easy tool can have star symbols copy & paste onto any web page. Basically, you simply need to select your preferred star icon.

For other references, the star Unicode can also be used. The original star character (☆) can be created by selecting Alt + 9734. In addition, there is also a black star symbol text (★), which can be accessed with Alt + 9733.

We also have an array of star keyboard options to choose from. With this huge variety in star symbols, you’ll be lighting-up your entire world with an accumulation of shiny star symbols.

Now, make haste. Your Facebook is looking a bit dim. Maybe add some brightness into your profile.

Now, make haste. Your Facebook is looking a bit dim. Maybe add some brightness into your profile.

Some examples of Star Symbols

Here are a couple of examples of star symbols. Remember to use them sparingly. In fact, you should be using a star character in hot and flashy ways.

✯Like★This✯, or even ✯-Like This-✯

Try to mix up your creativity for the most awesome Fancy Text star icon effects.

Multiple Star Symbols to display

Try using Star Symbols on different browser. Here, we’ll show off the Star of David as an example:

Star Symbols (Apple)
Star Symbols (Google)
Star Symbols (Microsoft)
Star Symbols (Samsung)
Star Symbols (Whatsapp)
Star Symbols (Twitter)
Star Symbols (Facebook)